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I don't think we've decided where the money will go, though it sounds like probably the Community Food Bank of NJ, unless they can find a good charity that is more closely related to Superstorm Sandy relief -- or something more closely associated with West Milford.

That flu was evil...

I was sick from about Christmas Eve until a day before New Year's Eve, then I was tired for a while afterwards. I'm still kind of stuffed up and cough a little more than usual, but I'm feeling better.

I am never going to avoid getting a flu shot again.

It was almost funny, I could trace the illness through one of my classes. One kid would say they had a headache, then that kid would get sent home. The next day, another kid would say the same thing and would look sort of pale and unhealthy. I think they were getting it one at a time too. I do wish parents would listen when their kids say they aren't feeling well. I understand that a bunch of kids lie and that sometimes it is inconvenient to keep a kid home, but seriously... hand sanitizer isn't going to do anything if the kids are all coughing and sneezing all over each other.

My boss spends half of his working hours reminding the kids to use their hand sanitizer and the other half sending out passive-aggressive memos about when we should be in our classrooms and that we should inform him if we go out to our cars during our preps.

I need a new project to keep my brain occupied.

Seriously rude...

Mike invited a bunch of friends to hang out tonight and only one even bothered to reply. I'll admit, it was a last minute thing -- we've both been really busy and haven't had time to do much of anything, but the house was clean and we figured... "Why not invite a few people over?"

But seriously, just say you can't make it if you're busy. Neither of us would be offended. (I think what it may have been was that they are attending something Mike wasn't invited to, so instead of saying they were busy, they just ignored him.)

That being said, I wasn't up to hosting people tonight anyway, so I am not upset at all.

Also, Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore is highly enjoyable.

The other thing is... I was a little concerned that no one would reply, then just show up. Luckily, it doesn't appear that is going to happen.
All of the teachers started developing these terrible colds that caused them to miss at least two days each. Those of us who did not get sick all wound up covering classes for them. I think I paid for my next two months of pottery classes with just substitute fees. Which absolutely sucks. And I don't blame any of the teachers for being absent because they have the days, but the fact that my boss is too cheap (and too much of a control freak) to contract with a sub agency.

I think I already had the virus, but developed a milder version of it that just caused me to be exhausted and stuffy.

My boss went down to Trenton to deal with our pension issues, then sent us a memo the next day that basically blamed the state for not communicating properly with them. But supposedly the pension problem is dealt with.

But no work for a week is an excellent thing. Christmas shopping is done. Christmas baking will probably not happen this year. Wrapping will probably happen tomorrow morning.

i just finished reading Son

by Lois Lowry, which is the conclusion to the books in The Giver universe. And I thought it had a very satisfying ending that really addressed all of the questions left from the earlier books. Except, I guess, what happened to the people from the Community where Jonas grew up, but if they kept taking the pills, then they wouldn't ever question anything. Which is incredibly sad, but also it is a choice that we all have to make.
Three out of five days last week. This was after we saw him maybe three to five times over the past few years. I don't know if that happened because one of my coworkers mentioned that the pension was not accurate or if he realized something was off on his own. (I think it was the former.)

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and my mother made another customer cry because the other customer cut the line waiting for a salesperson and my mother guilt tripped her.

It's nice to know that I'm not the only victim of her guilt trips.

Also... bathroom issue resolved itself...

All of the teachers said we shouldn't have to share bathrooms with students in between classes -- or during preps. So my idiot boss finally backed us up.

The nurse tried arguing that she needed a double lock on the door and we shouldn't have a key, but my boss had one of the teachers make a key made that we keep in the teachers' room.

So she got a Spongebob key with a bright yellow bracelet, so we don't forget to put it back.

Today was invasion of the students...

...and I eventually asked my boss to send them outside because they were being so disruptive to all of the teachers -- including the ones on prep who were trying to put progress report grades in.

But the one interesting thing that happened -- one of our former students who was a major annoyance came to visit, but he grew up quite a bit. Still geeky, but more in control of himself and still very outgoing. So he went into the sixth grade Latin class to introduce himself to the new teacher and held out his hand politely to introduce himself. And she just said, basically, "I don't care who you are. Get out of my class."

If I were making excuses for her, I'd say some of the other former students had already come into her class, but... she only comes in for periods 5 and 6, then leaves. So she probably hasn't had much exposure to the former students.

Some teachers are very good with students and kind of lousy with everyone else, but I think if someone comes to introduce themselves to you -- and it sounds like he was polite, you shake their hands and politely ask them to leave.

I tried to cut the Latin teacher some slack because I figured she's got a frustrating job where she isn't well paid or prepared. But she seems to be lacking in basic manners. Not just to the student, but I think every single teacher has offered to chat with her if she needed advice or just to shoot the breeze. We've offered to have her observe our classes, but she wants to observe at her old school. (Which is probably better for networking purposes.)

And she managed to piss off the secretary. Rule 1 in my teaching program was always get to know the secretary and make sure she likes you. I'm under the impression that she's never had an actual job before because getting along with the decent coworkers is what makes most jobs tolerable.

Okay, I may dislike the nurse...

but I feel bad for the part-time Latin teacher. She only needs to be at the school for two periods (in the afternoon) -- and she has never taught before. As far as I know, she's alternate route and has never had an education class, except for whatever she needed for alternate route.

Supposedly, she's struggling with classroom management. But every single new teacher struggles with that. And her mentor -- the 7th and 8th grade Latin teacher -- is a bit frustrated with her. I'm going

Though I have to say, in this economy, hoping to get a job in the business sector with a Classics degree seems a bit impractical. Perhaps she was planning on staying in academia or going for a MA in another field, but the economy made that difficult.

I am going to give her my extra copy of The First Days of School because I found it pretty useful and practical. Not sure how else I can help her, other than to suggest that she observes some other teachers' classes to see how they manage the room.

And that nurse is trying to make it difficult for the teachers to use the restroom in the nurse's office. She put two chairs catty corner in front of it and turns on the light and shuts the door to make it seem like it is occupied. *snickers*


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